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Although internet promotion campaigns can be highly effective, offline advertising is also a powerful method for novelties lighting. Its most popular instruments are spreading leaflets and handouts, adhering stickers on wrappers and covers and putting up posters. As non-digital media is more expensive and less spacious, it is still important to embed links there to provide more information.

The fastest way to access to this data is most likely opening the link from a phone. Though short URLs are handy for typing, a more convenient approach to transfer a web link to a mobile phone is through QR codes scanning. Nowadays a great variety of free mobile applications allow for reading QR codes. Redirection to the necessary page occurs immediately, almost without user involvement. And it also makes QR codes an excellent tool for mobile marketing.

That is why Short.io (formerly short.cm) encodes every short URL from your list into a QR code. It is displayed in the link management window under the “QR code generation” tab, and you can download it as a PDF file or print it from the browser.

QR Code Generator on Short.io (formerly short.cm) Picture1: QR Code Generator on Short.io (formerly short.cm)

QR codes for shortened links are provided in all types of price plans. Just start to work with Short.io (formerly short.cm) and promote the short links on printed documents and offline marketing materials using these QR-codes and allow your users to transfer short URLs to their devices in the easiest and fastest way.

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