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There's need to talk about how common mobile phones are nowadays. That's why, along with web services, mobile applications are the powerful instrument for promoting your brand. Mobile app development allows you to expand your audience and volume of your product usage.

A rivalry of corporations led to the diversity of mobile operation systems. Nowadays the most popular are iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Most mobile applications for a particular service are prepared for all these platforms.

Taking this into account, (formerly developed a “mobile links” feature. It helps you to redirect your users to different URLs, depending on their mobile devices OS. This is primarily a very useful function for application installation. Each user will be led to the App Store, Google Play or even directly to application download according to the user OS.

This functionality has a simple interface. You can set necessary links on the “mobile targeting” tab of link management window for any link in a (formerly account. You will get only one link, which works for a variety of users with different demands.

Mobile links on (formerly Picture1: Mobile links on (formerly
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