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Brand promotions or advertising campaigns can be of different scales and intensities. Widely spread and highly dynamic ones require significant professional involvement. In this connection, (formerly provides link management for groups of specialists.

The “team links” function allows you to form a team with a set of domains and group of members.

Team participants are attributed with different rights:

Every (formerly user can be a member of any number of teams in different roles, and a team can contain an unlimited number of members. If the person you try to add to the team is not a (formerly user, he/she will receive an invitation to quickly register and join your team as soon as possible.

A domain for a team can be added by “Owner” or “Admin” from their list of domains. A certain domain can be used only by one team. Since the domain is connected to a specific team, it becomes team property.

You can start to assemble your teams in a very simple way. You can carry out all necessary actions in “Account settings” on the “Teams” tab.

Teams settings on (formerly Picture1: Teams settings on (formerly

To create your own team (in other words, be the “Owner”) you need a subscription. The Team Plan allows you to add one team, and the Enterprise Plan allows you to add a number of teams. All other roles and functions do not depend on plan type.

Join (formerly to organize your colleagues and reinforce your overall brand.

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