Integrations for simple link management

We provide various integrations to make your work process automatic integrations

Our integrations

  • Zapier

    Connect with hundreds of other web applications.

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  • Slack

    Create short links straight from a Slack channel just by typing '/shorten'.

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  • Google Chrome extension

    Shorten links outside the dashboard simply by staying on a web page.

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  • Google Tag Manager

    Track your customer behavior with 50+ GTM tags.

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  • macOS application

    Use via a desktop application.

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  • AdRoll

    Show ads to people who previously clicked your short links.

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  • Segment

    Send data to all essential tools such as Amplitude and Intercom with just a single integration.

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  • Google Analytics

    Track detailed statistics of your short links and get in-depth data on your visitor behavior.

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  • Facebook Pixel

    Retarget ads to people who previously clicked your short links.

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  • Firefox browser extension

    Create short links in Firefox after opening a necessary web page.

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  • Edge browser extension

    Shorten links in Edge outside the website.

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  • Android application

    Manage short URLs on the go without being chained to your PC.

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Use Cases you might find helpful integrations use cases
  • When a new article is published on your WordPress site, a link to the article will be automatically shortened.

  • If you add '/shorten' before a long URL and send it to a Slack channel, the service will respond with a short link.

  • When a short link is clicked, Google Analytics displays this step on the real-time graph. Google Analytics provides valuable statistics for deeper insights.

  • After users click a short branded link, Facebook shows them advertisements.

  • Once a link is shortened on, it can be automatically sent to Twitter with the custom open graph metadata.

  • If integrating with AdRoll, the ads will be shown to users who previously clicked a short link.

  • With Eventbrite integration, when a new event is added, a link for that event will be automatically shortened.

  • After adding a new item to your Shopify store, a link for this product will be automatically shortened.

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