We live in a diverse world, where all people can be put into different groups depending habits and interests. One of the most natural ways to group people is by location. That is why Short.io (formerly short.cm) provides a great tool for redirecting users depending on their geographical position — in particular identifying what country and region they are in.

As every state (and in some cases its administrative divisions) has a unique culture, legislation and lifestyle, the content of your site can be topical in one country, or even in its particular region, and fairly irrelevant in another. Thus, a feature such as “geo-targeting” for short links is very convenient for international bloggers, worldwide business structures and global organizations. With this function, you can build individual global links to forward your users to the correct destination depending on their country or region and ensure that every one of them will get relevant content according to his or her location.

You can create geo-targeting for a link through your Short.io (formerly short.cm) account, opening the link management window for a certain shortened link. First, choose a country and a region (if necessary), and then attach a link for redirection. You can target the links for as many countries and regions as you want. For each short link you will have the list of countries, regions and targeted URLs on the same tab. On this list you can edit links for redirection or delete them.

geo country region targeting on Short.io (formerly short.cm) Рисунок 1: Геотаргетинг в Short.io (formerly short.cm)

To start globalizing your links you will need the Personal Plan or higher on Short.io (formerly short.cm). Purchase the Personal Plan to target links by countries and subscribe to the Team Plan or Enterprise Plan to redirect your users depending on regions.

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